Ownership Structure Data

The Ownership Structure Data (3-OSD) comprises of all key variables related to ownership and governance of the firms listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange. The data covers more than 10 years. This dataset has the following key features:

  • Available from the year 2007 to 2018 for firms listed on the PSX.

  • Download this file to see the firm-year combination for which data are available in our database.

  • The data is arranged in a long format, that is suitable for direct use in the majority of the statistical softwares such as Stata, R, Eviews, SPSS, or others.

  • The data is available in Excel, Stata, CSV, or any other desired format.

  • Company identifiers include both companies names and PSX assigned symbols

  • Numeric identifiers for industrial classification are included

Variables Available in our Database

Ownership Structure Variables

  • Total Shares of the Company (ts)
  • Shares owned by Directors (dir)
  • Shares owned by Executives (ex)
  • Shares of 1st Largest Shareholder (l1)
  • 1st Largest Shareholder Name (nm1)
  • Shares of 2nd Largest Shareholder (l2)
  • 2nd Largest Shareholder Name (nm2)
  • Shares of 3rd Largest Shareholder (l3)
  • 3rd Largest Shareholder Name (nm3)
  • Shares 4th Largest Shareholder (l4)
  • Shares 5th Largest Shareholder (l5)
  • Shares of Associated Companies (asso)
  • Shares of Mutual Funds (mf)
  • Shares of Pension Funds (pf)
  • Shares of Investment Companies (ic)
  • Shares of Modaraba Companies (mc)
  • Shares of Charitable Trusts (ct)
  • Shares of Joint-stock companies (psc)
  • Shares of General Public (gpu)
  • Foreign Individuals (fg) 
  • Foreign Companies (fc) 
  • Foreign Individuals (fg) 
  • Shares of All Financial Institutions (inst) 
  • Government Shareholdingsn (gs)

Governance Variables

  • Total Directors / Board Size (ndir)

  • Female Directors (femdir)

  • Number of Executive Directors (xdir)

  • Number of Non-Executive Director (nxdir)

  • Number of Independent Directors (indir) 

  • Members of the Audit Committee (nac)
  • Non-Executives in Audit Com (xac)
  • Independent Dir in Audit Com (indac) 
  • Name of the Auditor (naudi)
  • Firm Audited by Big 4 (big4)
  • Number of board meetings (nbm)
  • Board meetings index (bindex)
  • No of Meetings of Director 1 (bm1)
  • No of Meetings of Director 2 (bm2)
  • No of Meetings of Director 3 (bm3)
  • No of Meetings of Director 4 (bm4)
  • No of Meetings of Director 5 (bm5)
  • No of Meetings of Director 6 (bm6)
  • No of Meetings of Director 7 (bm7)
  • No of Meetings of Director 8 (bm8)
  • No of Meetings of Director 9 (bm9)
  • No of Meetings of Director 10 (bm10)
  • CEO Tenure (ceot)
  • Ownership Concentration (oconc)

Pricing of the Financial Data

This dataset is available at affordable rates. For a range of five years, we charge Rs. 1000 for each of the ownership variables per 100 companies. See the following example of data pricing:

Fee Calculation Example:

As an example, please consider a data order of 5 variables for 5 years and 100 firms.

Variables needed: (1) Total Shares (2) Board Size  (3) CEO Duality (4) Institutional Ownership (5) Board Independence

Data Years: 2014 – 2018

Since the data fee is Rs. 1000 per variable for 5 years and 100 firms, the fee is Rs. 1000 x 5 Variables = Rs. 5,000. If the order is for 200 firms, the fee would double by a factor of 2, i.e. Rs. 10,000. Similarly, if the order is for 10 variables, 10 years, and 200 firms, the fee would be:
Rs. 20,000 = Rs. 1000 per variable x 10 variables x 10 years / 5

For more variations in variables and years, please see the Fee Calculator tab to the left.

Data Sample

The sample data is available in Excel and Stata format for download.

Data Fee Calculator

The minimum fee for any data order is Rs. 5000

Please enter number of variables, firms, and years to calculate an estimated data fee for this data. You can use the data order form and get a quote from us directly for multiple datasets.

Please click on relevant tabs to expand them. After expansion, you can select desired variables from relevant dataset. The selected variables can then be sent to us for placing data orders.