Our group, StataProfessor, provides paid help in empirical methods in finance and large data processing. So far, we have completed a number of projects. Our core competence is in Stata® programming and statistical analysis. Regarding the nature of help we provide, we cooperate with researchers throughout the data management, data processing, writing and implementing Stata codes for analysis, or auxiliary analysis that supervisors/donors may ask for.

It is important to note that we do not help in thesis write-up or proofreading of the thesis or any other illegal or unethical practices. We believe in students’ learning, hence we help in the application of empirical methods in finance, develop relevant Stata┬« codes, share those codes with the student/researchers, and then enable them to apply the relevant steps on their own. So the process is more like paid tuition or paid personal tutor in learning and application of empirical methods in finance, rather than like paid essay-writing or paid help in doing someone’s class assignment.

We have completed a decent number of projects related to asset pricing models, mutual funds performance evaluation, persistence in mutual funds returns, implied cost of equity models, earning management models, momentum portfolio profits, herding behaviour models, dynamic panel data models and others. To see our portfolio of completed projects, click on the ‘Completed Projects’ link above.

We respect privacy and confidentiality of our customers and their data. For complete details in this regard, read our privacy policy by clicking on the link ‘Privacy Policy’ tab. For other frequently asked questions (FAQs), click on the FAQ tab.