Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) – Pakistan

The IPO dataset comprises of all key variables from the corporate annoucements of the firms listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange. The data covers more than 15 years. This dataset has the following characteristics:

  • Available from the year 1999 to 2020 for all firms listed on the PSX.

  • The data is arranged in a long format, that is suitable for direct use in the majority of the statistical software such as Stata, R, Eviews, SPSS, or others.

  • The data follows the frequency of announcements made by the listed firms

  • The data is available in Excel, Stata, CSV, or any other desired format.

  • Company identifiers include both companies names and PSX assigned symbols

  • Numeric identifiers for industrial classification are included

Variables Available in our Database

  • Company Symbol
  • Date Variable

  • Company Name

  • Industry Name

  • Company Symbol

  • Annoucement Date

  • Subscription Amount

  • Date of Formal Listing
  • Capital Offered
  • Subscription Received
  • Time Subscribed
  • Premium Charged
  • Process Type

Pricing of the IPO Data

This dataset is available at extremely affordable rates. The primary factor in setting such a low price is the consideration of the low purchasing power of students / researchers in Pakistan. Therefore, this dataset costs as low as Rs. 6000 for a period of 8 years

Fee Calculation Example:

As an example, please consider a data order for 8 years.

Years: 2011 – 2018

Since the data fee is Rs. 6000 for 8 years, the fee is Rs. 6000 for this order.

Data Sample

The sample data is available in Excel and Stata format for download.

  • Download Sample Dataset in Excel Format

  • Download the Sample Dataset in Stata Format

Data Fee Calculator

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