1. First column of the matrix is abbreviated to shorten long sentence and present a decent display of the matrix. If the first column has any decimal points, the decimal points are temporarily removed, however, in the final output, the actual data is shown.

Each matrix has three components. (1) The matrix file (2) The table title (3) Table notes.

The matrix files are written to locations from 1 up to 99.

The table titles are written to corresponding locations of 100 to 9900

The table notes are written to corresponding location of 10000 to 990000

asdocx will be compatible with the official putdocx suite of commands. asdocx will use the following workflow:

  1. putdocx begin
  2. use asdocx with Stata commands with additional option of putdocx; for example
sysuse auto, clear
putdocx begin
asdocx sum, putdocx
putdocx save
  • 3. Tables and text already generated with asdocx can be written to putdocx later on